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Corporate Veteran Coaching Program

Read more about the Corporate Veteran Coaching Program we offer at Stand Beside Them.

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          Recent studies from Syracuse University’s IVMF (Institute for Veterans & Military Families) showed that over half of new-veteran “hires” leave their jobs during the first year. Clearly, job retention is a prime area of concern to employers who want to develop and maintain a thriving veteran workforce. Skilled, experienced SBT executive coaches will work with the veteran employee, helping him/her to set realistic expectations from the onset and to adjust to the huge change from military to corporate cultures. A company on-boarding a new veteran can sponsor a 12 or 24 session package of individual coaching sessions with an SBT executive coach. Incidentally, we also provide packages of 6-12 group coaching sessions (virtually or in-person) to squads of 6-8 newly-hired employees. 

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