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Find out more about other resources and programs offered by other organizations that are useful for veterans. These will be updated frequently so make sure to check back often!

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs 


The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs provides information concerning accessing healthcare and benefits, education and training and burial or memorial services. It is very helpful to see what benefits each veteran is eligible for and what benefits you should be expecting.  

Military Officers Association of America (MOAA)


Military Officers Association of America provides many support services including financial, health, transition and career, educational assistance and exclusive discounts. It is an association of military officers who have an active role in military matters affecting the career force, the retired community and veterans.

Military OneSource

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Military OneSource is a valuable resource and wealth of knowledge for coaches, veterans, and their families. Under the “Military Life Topics” tab you will find categorized links to specific information and databases. The website provides guidance for everything from financial advice to crisis prevention.

Military.com_Logo.svg.png offers resources about benefits, education, jobs, money, and more. It has many useful tools, such as a military skills translator, job search, and a GI Bill calculator. This site is a great source of information for veterans looking for basic help.

Operation Homefront


Operation Homefront provides help in areas such as food assistance, home repair, financial assistance, auto repair. You can apply for these many services through their website. They list the criteria needed for each service, as well as required documents.

NYC Department of Veteran's Services

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NYC Department of Veteran's Services​ work with veterans to find permanent housing and access to support services. Their VetsThriveNYC Integrative Health Program suports the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of veterans and their families. They provide education and career opportunities through a network of city, public, private and non-profit partners. They also have a coordinated service network with VetConnect NYC that provides the human and technological infrastructure for veterans and their families to access benefits, resources and care. 

PsychArmor Institute


PsychArmor Institute is a non-profit that provides free education and support to all Americans so they can effectively engage with the military community. They have a wealth of online courses about issues relevant to the military and veteran communities.Their self-paced courses are geared toward military culture, healthcare providers, employers, educators, volunteers, caregivers and families. This information is critical to those who work, live, care for and interact with Veterans often. 

Easter Seals Military & Veteran Services 


Easter Seals provides veterans with an array of services including, advocacy and education, employment programs and job training, caregiver services and health and wellness programs. They also collaborate with FreddieMac to offer financial guidance to veterans and their families.

Veterans United Network


Veterans United Network provides information for veterans on topics such as VA loans, landing a job, relocation and travel, fitness and health, and much more.

Military & Veterans Discount Center


Military and Veterans Discount Center provides details about discounts for military and veterans. Some examples of the companies involved: Apple Computers, Amtrak, 24 Hour Fitness, Applebee’s, AT&T, Chase, Chipotle, Costco, Ford, Geico, Home Depot, Macy’s, Regal Cinemas, Southwest Airlines, Sprint, T-Mobile, Under Armour, Verizon, Walgreens.

For Homeless Veterans

US Dept of Vet Affairs: Homeless Veterans


US Dept of Housing and Urban Development -

VA Supportive Housing (HUD -VASH)

This collaborative program between HUD and VA combines HUD housing vouchers with VA supportive services to help Veterans who are homeless and their families find and sustain permanent housing. As of Sept. 30, 2015, HUD had allocated more than 78,000 vouchers to help house Veterans across the country. 

Veterans Justice Outreach Program


Veterans Justice Outreach Program aims to avoid the unnecessary criminalization of mental illness and extended incarceration among Veterans by ensuring that eligible, justice-involved Veterans have timely access to Veterans Health Administration (VHA) services, as clinically indicated. VJO specialists provide direct outreach, assessment and case management for justice-involved Veterans in local courts and jails and liaison with local justice system partners. VA cannot provide legal services. For legal assistance, visit State Side Legal's help page or contact the nearest VJO specialist, who may know of community legal assistance resources. 

Recommended Reading

Federal Benefits for Veterans: Dependents & Survivors

Federal Benefits for Veterans: Dependents and Survivors is an excellent resource that provides information concerning VA Health Care Benefits, Home Loan Guaranty's, Burial and Memorial Benefits and even more information that would be of concern to dependents and survivors of a veteran. 

    & Survivors PDF

A Guide to Veterans’ Benefits

written by

This guide will explain several VA benefits, especially those that apply to seniors. It includes how to use VA benefits to pay for long-term care needs, the eligibility requirements, and the application process for benefits, so you can determine your options for using those benefits to pay for your health needs. 

Which Way is your Claymore Facing - An Operational Manual

written by Barry Zworestine 


After serving in the Rhodesian Bush War, Zworestine became a psychologist and chose to write this book to help his fellow veterans "unload their burdens" in a healthy way. This book is focused on stress management and emotional growth that will smooth the transition from military to civilian life for many veterans. It gives you ways to grow in both your professional and personal life. It is an excellent guide for any transitioning vet and Barry's use of military language will help every veteran grasp his concepts with ease. 

Transitioning Servicemembers Cheat Sheet

written by David Decker

An extensive and useful cheat sheet containing links to various resources for veterans.

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