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Health Resources

Find out more about other resources and programs offered by other organizations that are useful for veterans. These will be updated frequently so make sure to check back often!

The Soldier's Project


          confidential psychological counseling for veterans and families from licensed psychiatrists, psychologists, and others. They are in various locations, including New York City, and also have a general phone number (818-761-7438 or toll free 877-576-5343) where you can leave your name, phone number, and email address, and they will return to you within 24 hours.

Wounded Warriors Project


The Wounded Warriors Project serves post-9/11 veterans who incurred a physical or mental wound, illness or injury as a result of their military service. They provide services to meet the needs of veterans and fills gaps in government care. 

After Deployment


After Deployment provides information and help about different post-deployment topics, such as anxiety, anger, health and wellness, work adjustment, life stress, stigma, and more. Many topics have assessments and workshops as well.

Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinics


Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinics provide free and confidential medical and mental health related services to veterans and their families. The Cohen Veterans Nework works to strengthen mental health outcomes and complement existing support, with a particular focus on post-traumatic stress. They are located across the country in NYC (NYU Langone), CA, TX, CO, TN, FL, NC, MD, and PA and they are continuously growing. 

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  • Find a Clinic Location

Torn in Half


Torn in Half is an excellent resource for Young Widows. Teresa and Jeni use their experience to provide young widows with solace, comfort and assistance through this journey. They have an excellent resource page that can provide virtual support and Teresa works as a coach to help those who need further support.

National Center for PTSD


The mission of the National Center for PTSD is to advance the clinical care and social welfare of America's Veterans and others who have experienced trauma, or who suffer from PTSD, through research, education, and training in the science, diagnosis, and treatment of PTSD and stress-related disorders.

  • Understanding PTSD Booklet


  • PTSD Help For Veterans

Mesothelioma Lawyer Center

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The Mesothelioma Lawyer Center has been helping families connect with leading mesothelioma lawyers for over 20 years. They can help you locate top lawyers near you that will help you with a claim. They also have a specific page on their website dedicated to Veterans. 

  • Veteran Specific Resources

Give an Hour


Give an Hour provides free mental health care to active military members, veterans and their families as well as several collaborative and community-centered programs which focus on mental health.  

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David Lynch Foundation

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The David Lynch Foundation offers FREE Monthly Transcendental Meditation Courses for Veterans in New York City. "TM" is a simple, easily learned technique to increase energy and focus, and reduce stress and anxiety. Peer-reviewed studies have found TM reduces PTS symptoms including anxiety, depression and sleep deprivation. To register for the next course email

Make the Connection


Make the Connection provides various self-assessments for depression, substance abuse, alcohol abuse and PTSD. They also have articles about common life events experienced by veterans. They feature real stories of struggle from veterans and outline some tips to help you in each of these areas. 

  • Self Assessments

Extra Mile Military Care 


Extra Mile Military Care provides inpatient care and treatment for active duty, guard, reserves, military family members and veterans. Their program is specifically designed for those suffering from combat induced PTSD, pre-existing PTSD, substance abuse, depression and other mood disorders. They are located at the Smokey Point Behavioral Hospital in Seattle, WA.

  • Call their 24/7 International Toll-Free number at (855) 755 -6555

Psychological Health
Outreach Program (PHOP)


The Psychological Health Outreach Program is an all encompassing program dedicated to providing Reservists full access to appropriate psychological health care services, increasing resiliency, and facilitating recovery, which is essential to maintaining a ready military force.

  • US Marine Forces Reserve Brochure


  • US Navy Reserve Brochure

The Mesothelioma Center


The Mesothelioma Center has a team of VA-accredited staff who specialize in assisting veterans affected by service-related asbestos exposure. The patient advocates in our Veterans Department can provide general information about medical, financial and legal resources, and they are also qualified to file claims for VA benefits on behalf of veterans.

  • Understanding Mesothelioma Guide

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