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SBT Newsletter 9/17

Updated: Jan 7, 2019


A Whirlwind Fall for Stand Beside Them!

Michelle Naiser, Steve Aidikonis, Ericka Foley, Janet Fulton, Stephanie Richmond, Frank Forte, Jeff Nally

We Coached Vets at Two Recruit Military Job Fairs

Mark Sachs, Tom Chaplin, Carrie Morris, Donna Newman-Robinson, Stephanie Richmond, Fitz Carty, Alison Carroll

Once again Stand Beside Them had the pleasure of partnering with Recruit Military, a company organizing veteran job fairs around the country. Just this past Tuesday, December 12, our founder/CEO Stephanie Richmond had the pleasure to meet in person for the first time some of our SBT coaches who hail from the Ohio Valley ICF Chapter. The job fair was held by Recruit Military at Saber and Quill, the Officer's Club at Fort Knox, Kentucky. SBT Coaches Janet Fulton (President of the ICF Ohio Valley Chapter), came with Jeff Nally, Frank Forte (Navy veteran and father to 3 active-duty Army sons), Steven Aidikonis, Ericka Foley, and Michelle Naiser. Several of the coaches drove over two hours from Ohio to participate and we thank you so very much!  We're adding some videos to our YouTube channel so you can hear accounts from the coaches after they concluded their exciting and  fulfilling day at Fort Knox!! 

Donna Newman-Robinson and Natalie Turner

On November 9, 2017, at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, DC, eight SBT coaches lined up at three consecutive tables for a marathon day of coaching for veteran attendees. Thanks and big hugs to SBT coaches Mark Sachs, Tom Chaplin, Carrie Morris, Donna Newman-Robinson, Stephanie Richmond, Fitz Carty, Alison Carroll, and Natalie Turner, for your coaching and endurance skills! Big thanks to our intern from Fordham, Jenna Pulvermiller, for keeping things running so smoothly! At the end, we had coached about 45 veterans and many more learned about our organization, a totally successful and fun day!

SBT Launches Pilot Corporate Veteran Coaching Program

View our Corporate Veteran Coaching Program

SBT launched our pilot Corporate Veteran Coaching Program this fall with our first client, Accenture. We provided a package of 6 group-coaching sessions for a squad of 10 military veteran employees. Our six sessions covered topics chosen by Accenture: Redefining Self, Corporate Culture Acclimation, Managing Across the Corporate Matrix, Managing Time Effectively vs. Priorities, Conducting Difficult Conversations and Emotional Intelligence. Thanks to three of our SBT coaches for conducting the group-coaching sessions virtually:  Jane Maliszewski, Randall Chase, and Dawn McDaniel. We're reaching out for more corporate clients for this program, which is aimed to help new-hires adjust to corporate culture, and to consequently help companies retain valuable veteran talent! Check out the full brochure by clicking the link to the right! Or call us for more information: 212-706-8387.

L'OrealUSA "Have a Beautiful Day" for Female Veterans

Stand Beside Them partnered with L'Oreal USA's Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Women Veterans Interactive and Shining Service Worldwide to provide this wonderful event for female veterans. "Have a Beautiful Day" shows appreciation and support for these deserving women with a day of beauty at L'Oreal's headquarters at Hudson Yards in NYC. Female veterans were able to network with other women of service and receive a makeover from professional stylists. Ms. Veteran America, Lindsay Guitterez, gave an inspiring talk. The event was a smashing success: from a delicious breakfast, to the cacophony of flag-waving and cheering L'Oreal employees greeting the incoming parade of veterans led by Ms. Veteran USA, to the expertly-made up smiling veteran faces at the end (see photo on upper right), everyone had an amazing time!  Thanks so much to L'OrealUSA!!!!   

SBT's Summer Online Fundraiser 2017

Ends on a High Note

We raised $7000 over the summer at our fundraiser on Network for Good! Special recognition goes to Army veteran/SBT Coach Jere Wile for reaching out to his network of Vietnam veteran colleagues and their family members and raising over $2000 of the total. Thanks to you all for your continuous support, as we will be able to continue to grow and make things run more smoothly at the same time!  Thanks also to SBT Coaches Cherrie Davis, Mark Sachs, Karen Van Cleve, Randy Chase, Alison Carroll, Sandra Hughes, Elissa French, Lisa McKeogh for your support!

SBT Joins Newman's Own $500K Holiday Challenge

We are currently fundraising through the holidays and end of year through Newman's Own $500K Holiday Challenge. Stand Beside Them is competing with other organizations to raise the most money by January 3rd. The organization in first place will receive $150,000 in addition to what they have already raised! If there's any way you can help us get vital end-of year contributions (tax-deductible since we are a 501c3) by starting your own fundraiser for us, please do by checking the blue link to our Crowdrise platform. Here it is: . Thanks to SBT Coaches Mark Sachs, Reggie Gatewood, Marta Koonz, Alison Carroll, Sandra Hughes, Danny Valenzuela and Jeff Nally for your support, and there is still time for anyone who may not have had a chance to donate yet!  We appreciate it so much!  SBT relies on individual contributions from dedicated friends like you! And please spread the word to your friends!

"After Her Service" Project with University of Michigan Kicks Off

SBT is thrilled to be partnering with University of Michigan, M-SPAN (Military Support Programs and Networks) on a program targeted toward post-9/11 female veterans called "After Her Service", (AHS), funded by the Bristol Myers Foundation. AHS is a free program that combines a skill-building retreat with 6 months of individual professional coaching focused on setting and achieving life and career goals. Stephanie Richmond, SBT CEO (and coach) and SBT coach Dawn McDaniel attended the "After Her Service" resiliency retreat weekend held in New Orleans Dec. 1-3, introducing the coaching component of the program to the group, and explaining what the participants can expect during a coaching collaboration. "The retreat was extremely informative, fun, and inspiring, and the women veterans were awesome!" said Stephanie," and "thanks to Dawn for her help!"  

Free Courses for Our Coaches With PsychArmor

Psych Armor Institute has a laudable mission: to provide anyone working in a supportive capacity with military service members and veterans with online training. Through a partnership with PsychArmor, our SBT coaches now have easy, free access to their course offerings, including the four key courses below:

  • Veteran 101: This helps one develop a better understanding of the different service branches, military culture, military laws and regulations, military rank structures and the differences between military officers and enlisted service members.

  • 15 Things Veterans Want You to Know: This course will teach you 5 questions you should always ask veterans, 1 question you should never ask veterans, and 15 facts that will make you more culturally competent.

  • Supporting Someone With Invisible Wounds: This course is designed to help volunteers understand the invisible wounds of war, providing tips and tools to better support veterans.

  • Invisible Wounds of War Overview: Invisible Wounds of War Overview is for anyone interested in learning more about invisible wounds such as PTSD, Depression, TBI, or substance abuse disorder.

Here are some directions on how SBT coaches can take these courses:

  1. First, here's the LOGIN:

  2. Do you belong to an organization:  YES

  3. Select:  Stand Beside Them

  4. Enter name, email, and confirm email. THEN enter CODE: SBT, and you're in!!

We strongly encourage all SBT Coaches without prior military background to take these wonderful courses, and we look forward to receiving your reviews!  By the way, there are also other relevant courses that you free to take on their website, including courses for helping spouses/caregivers, so please take a look at all the offerings! New courses are being added all the time!

And check out our new SBT Resource Center on our website to have access to resources that can help your veteran clients! Here's the link: We'll be adding to it all the time as we see more helpful information!

Warmest Wishes for a Very Happy Holiday Season for You and Your Families!!

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